Current House Build – Kidd Court


West Tuality Habitat is currently working on our latest home building project. It is named Kidd Court to honor our long time construction volunteer and Board Member Richard Kidd. It is located at 1529 22nd Place in Forest Grove.

 Map Link to the House Build site – Click below


There is currently one home occupied and one under construction at Kidd Court, with a total of 5 more home planned on this site.

The Construction Team is scheduling work on the homes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Mike Pirc is the Volunteer Manager overseeing volunteers at the build project. You can contact Mike at 989-839-0678, and by e-mail at to arrange a time in your schedule to participate in the house build project.

You can also contact our office at 503-359-8459 and some one will contact regarding the Build project. You can also e mail our Volunteer Coordinator at to start your volunteer process at our home building site.

All levels of skill are needed, and carpentry and framing skills in particular are needed over the next couple of months to frame the houses. Whatever your skill level is, or interest area, we can find a job for you on this project. We need volunteers and are very thankful for your donation of your valued time.