Home Preservation

25 Pacific students and 6 regular volunteers drywalled the entire interior of a home in our critical repair program.


Home Preservation Program:

Our Home Preservation Program serves the low-income, veteran, senior, and disabled populations in western Washington County. Repairs projects include yardwork and paint (ABWK projects) to access ramps and grab bar installation to major critical repairs. The program is designed to address issues to make the home safer, more secure, and enable mature homeowners to remain in their homes longer. We collaborate with various other organizations for repairs including the Washington County HARDE program, Old Town Church, and Community Action.

We enlist volunteers, professionals, and partner family members to assist in the repair process for each project.  Read below to see which repair application you need to fill out.

Yardwork and Exterior Paint Projects:

These projects assist homeowners with yardwork and painting. Click below for more information.

Critical Repair Projects:

Critical repair projects include both major and minor repairs. Through this program we install access ramps and grab bars, replace flooring, remodel/refurbish, clean and fix roofs, repair fences, and more.
Click below for more information on non-ABWK projects.