On March 16, 2015 a group of college students from the University of Southern California associated with the Christian based Navigators group came to our build site to lend a hand. A huge hand,  has over 30 students worked for 3 days during their own spring break to help move our house projects farther along.

070They hung insulation, moved, cut and installed sheet rock, they worked on the fences, they installed insulation. They provided over 700 man hours of labor.

They were a hard working crew who knew how to have fun in the process.

046The students provided a much needed quantity of labor that allowed our regular volunteers to keep pace with the more complex aspects of the project. These girls are helping unload siding from our ReStore truck .


039Local business helped out by donating or providing at reduced cost lunch’s, coffee, and other refreshments to keep hungry college students on the go. After helping out our projrct for 3 days, they visited the Oregon Coast and spent time in downtown Portland. A big thank you to them for their selfless help !!